RockBot System


What will be covered

This section is dedicated to the all aspects of the RockBot system, including hardware modification and software. These will be the official guides which will be improved over time, taking into account user recommendations - however check out the forum for other guides, both video and text.

Disclaimer (The usual)

As with all other information on this site, it is used and interpreted at your own risk - I cannot be held responsible for anything as a result. I must also point out that the RockBots system cannot guarantee perfect accuracy or perfect scores. It can be achieved but is not guaranteed.

Finally - if you wish to make any bots yourself, knowleged of electronics and PIC programming is essential,as some basic semiconductors are used in most of the hardware and PIC chips are used. For these PIC chips a PIC programmer is also required.

Please read everything in this section before attempting to make your own bot.

An Advanced USB Interface is required.


Everything documented in this section will be available in the Shop for purchase, either as a pre-assembled mod, kit mod, or pre-modded instrument.


  • Getting Started
  • How they work

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