The Guitar Hero 3 Bot [Obsolete!]



Right...theres lots of new things and a few new downloads.

Guitar Hero 2 is now supported, apart from a few songs.

I have managed to create GH3Cheat files for some Downloadable Content. The Boss Battles and We Three Kings.

Auto-Whammy can now be built into the bot.

Custom Star Power paths can now be edited into the gh3cheat files using an editor I have made.

These last 2 things mean I have developed a newer version of GH3Cheat.exe to support them. It is available from the SP Paths page and the Whammy page.

I think at this point I will probably stop actually developing any aspects of this bot as in my oppinion it is fairly complete. As for future plans I have not decided about GH4 or rock band. It is quite likely I won't support them due to the controvesy this bot has caused.

Good Score!

Small Disclaimer - sadly it is nessecary

I do not claim to be a legend at Guitar Hero 3. I am merely OK. I have completed the expert career, and on occasion managed to complete TTFAF. I did this project for the challenge that it presented, and honestly - I didn't even think it would work as well as it did.


Also, you cannot hold me responsible for anything that happens as a result of information obtained on this page.

Note on the Pictures

I did not know how successful this would be so I didnt not take pictures of progress, I took them after for this page. Some will have parts blacked out initally so that the focus is on the important parts.

What is GH3Bot

GH3Bot the name I have given my project of creating a Bot that will play guitar hero 3 automatically and acurately.

Brief Overview

The bot, which is technically an application that runs on a PC, controls a Guitar Hero 2 Controller via a USB interface device. In theory it could also be done with a wireless guitar hero controller or a standard wired or wireless Xbox 360 controller. The PC application reads 'tab' files that I have created in one way or another and plays them through the controller. (Tabs are what guitarists often read, I have called these files tabs files as they use a similar theoretical approach.)

Time taken: Sat 8th March 13:00 - 23:00, Sun 9th Match 10:00-16:00, fully working on every song excl. downloadables.


Yes, im putting the thanks at the beginning because I want everyone to read it.

So, Thanks to Invo or NvNv13 for his work on the 3 core EXE's for ripping the charts.
Thanks to the creators of Feedback and GHex (see GH2 section for usage).
Thanks to everyone who has taken interest in this project for the challenge/feat that it is
Thanks to everyone who has not added me as a friend on live just to help their co-op career.
And finally thanks to every who hasn't sent me a whingy voice message calling me a hacker (which I will upload later because it's funny!).


Feel free to contact me with friendly comments, questions or suggestions.

If you want to whine and bitch about how I runied GH3 or how I am a cheat, firstly go to software and note all my apps are called GH3Cheat* so I clearly know im cheating, and secondly I don't care, I won't reply so don't bother.


Due to the success of the kit I have made a new page for it - click here to read all the details.

What's to come

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2 - The Hardware (Modifiying the guitar)

Part 3 - Connecting the USB Interface

Part 4 - Software

Part 5 - Videos

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