The Guitar Hero 3 Bot [Obsolete!]

Guitar Hero 2

Good News! I've got the bot working on Guitar Hero 2!


Why didn't it work straight away?

Well technically speaking the bot was not the problem. The problem came from that fact that the method I used to get the GH3 Cheatfiles could not be done to GH2 because the file formats are different. But I have finally developed a method and some software to convert the Guitar Hero 2 'charts' to my gh3cheat format. The main problem is the format I could get the GH2 charts in had tempo changes, and it took a while to develop an application that would accurately convert them!

A quick note on accuracy

These files are ripped from the disc, and converted by an automated process, sometimes errors occur, I cannot help this - I do not promise perfect songs.

3rd Party Software

You will need:

  • GHex (link)
  • Feedback(link)
  • A Guitar Hero ISO* (link)
  • WinRAR (or an ISO Editor)
* If you own the game then aquiring and ISO of that disc is completely legal as you can posess a backup of the disc. Note: The PS2 ISO is different from the 360 one as the PS2 one lacks a few songs.

My Software

You will need GH3Cheat.exe and K8055.dll, available from the Software Page (P.4).
You will also need GH2toGH3.exe, see the bottom of this page for downloads.
GHCheatSPAWEditor is always helpful for checking the cheat file (see SP Paths page).


You will need a bot of my design that uses the K8055 interface board...there are no substitutes for this.

Step 1

Install all the software above.
Extract the contents of your GH2 ISO using WinRAR (or some other ISO Editor). If you're using an xbox iso and you get AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders its not extracted the right part. This is something to do with copy protection and as yet I don't know how to get round this. PS2 ISO's do not cause an issue, however they lack a few songs.
You should have 3 folders called IOP,GEN and VIDEO plus 2 other files.
The files we want are in GEN called MAIN.HDR and MAIN_0.ARK

Step 2

Open GHex.
Click File > Archive > Add. And Select the MAIN.HDR file.
The first time you load an archive it will ask you to verify it, just click Yes.
It should load the archive like this:
Expand songs, then the song of your choice and extract the mid file to the Feedback\Songs folder:

Step 3

Now open feedback, press esc once to get rid of the help and then again to bring up the main menu. Now select Load Chart. Select the midi file you just extracted:

Now press Esc again and save it. It will now be saved as a chart file in the feedback\songs folder.

Step 4

In command prompt use GH2toGH3.exe to convert them to gh3cheat files. It will get singleplayer, bass and lead if it exists:

And you're done!

That's it! Just repeat for every song you want to cheat on. It was hard to compensate for tempo changes, and I seem to have it sorted but I have not tested every single song so I can't be certain they'll all work.


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