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The Kit

I am selling this mod as a 'kit' for £70 + P&P without a Power Supply (5 Volts) or £78 + P&P with one. About £75-83 in the UK, £80-85 ($160-170) to the USA (thats on 4 day postage).
The 'kit' will be a pre-assembled relay-board with an 8-pin header for attaching the socket. (I will put pictures up when I can). 8 Pin plug, sockets, wires and assembled USB interface board. - You get everything you need, hardware wise!

I need to make a few things clear:

  • There is still work to be done, you have to solder the supplied circuit into the colour-button wires, strum switch and back button, and drill and mount the 8 pin connector on the guitar
  • USB board will only be assembled to the neccesary level for this project, I will provide the remaining components and instructions if you wish to finish it off.
  • A computer is needed. Im sure most of you have noticed, but I just wanted to make sure
  • Everything will be tested before it is sent!
  • I do not provide gh3cheat files, you must get GH3 for the PC and use the tools I provide
  • I can not do same day postage. I buy and make them as they are requested, so depending on local supply it could take up to a week.
  • Payment must be in advance through PayPal (I am verified - no need to worry)
  • Contact me if you want to know more, or how long it will take
  • I can also provide the entire guitar pre-modded, you can choose where I purchase it from (within reason, ie high street retailers) and once you have paid I will buy it, mod it for you and send it on.
    Approx cost an extra £50-£63 (see Game's website) I can do GH2 or GH3 controllers.
  • Whether I or you mod a guitar it voids the warranty, im am not to be held responsible for this, or any other adverse affects of using this kit!
  • The whole thing relies on timing, you have to start it as the song starts, if it doesn't work quite right first time just try again.
  • I advise you read all the parts (1-4) about the project just so you know what I'm doing and what you're required to do!
  • GH3 Kit coming soon!

Contact me for orders and more details.

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